Front office:

Our experience on the sell side in the derivatives industry gives us a strong expertise in the organization of front office teams. By practical experience, we know our clients' business:  we understand the challenges they face in a changing and increasingly competitive environment.

At EURESIA, we strive to shape our clients' front office organization and turn it into a competitive advantage to help capture new opportunities.

Control & support:

The interaction between front office teams and control & support functions is critical to a sustainable and succesful business. The efficiency of this interaction relies in particular on the right balance between integration, which brings cost saving and better customer relationship management, and separation, which is necessary to make the controls effective.

At EURESIA, we have a long time experience of FO-BO and FO-MO interaction and are familiar with best practices in the industry. Our vision for the future combines our experience and a deep analysis of the changes in the industry (regulatory changes, business evolution, etc.). Our goal is to help our clients adapt their organization to brand new business conditions.

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